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Indulge your furry friend with our meticulously crafted freeze dried dog food,
designed to provide a perfect balance of nutrition and flavor.

Discover the difference of wholesome nourishment
that goes beyond the bowl – because every wagging tail deserves the best. 

96% Meat, Organs & Bones
Scoop & Serve
Highly Pallatable
Made In The USA
Meal or Topper

Spruce It Up With SPRANKLES

Sprankles Single Ingredient Freeze Dried are a luxurious and exclusive treat fit for discerning dogs and cats. Made in the USA these irresistible treats are grain and gluten free for optimal pet health. With its high protein content and tantalizing taste, your pet will be begging for more! Enjoy a richer, more sumptuous snacking experience with Sprankles.

Excitement with Our Latest Additions!

Stay ahead of the pack and explore our newest offerings that redefine the canine dining experience. From innovative recipes to irresistible treats, our "What's New" collection is a celebration of culinary delights that will have tails wagging in anticipation. Discover the latest flavors and nutrition breakthroughs crafted to elevate your dog's dining pleasure. Because at sprankles , we believe in keeping things exciting and tails happily wagging. 

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