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Wholesale Freeze Dried Lamb Liver Treats


Delight your cats and dogs with the unique flavors of Freeze Dried Lamb Liver Treats! Made in the USA with only one ingredientā€”100% pure lamb liverā€”these treats have a great aroma, texture, and are full of nourishing nutrients. With this case of 6, your pet will be begging for more!

Sprankles Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treats are the ultimate treat for your pet! Made in the USA with only one ingredient, these irresistible treats are grain and gluten free for optimal pet health. With its high protein content and tantalizing taste, your pet will be begging for more!

Single Ingredient Freeze Dried Treats ideal for Cats & Dogs of All Sizes.

Made in the USA

Crafted with pride in the USA, our treatsuphold the highest standards of quality and integrity.

Easy to Digest

With our treats, digestion is a walk in thepark for your furry friend, leaving them ready to chase squirrels and wag theirtails!

Minimally Processed

Our treats are as minimally processed as apuppy's playful antics, ensuring maximum flavor and fun in every bite!

Completely wholesome

Accompany Is Raw Nutrition Conveniently Freeze Dried, That's Full Of Flavor And Aroma Dogs Will Roll Over For.

We put the Fun in Functional + Flexibility!

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